Booktube Newbie Tag (but make it a blog)

I have always loved books. I ran a bookstagram on and off during my high school years, but then I went to college…and reading for fun went to die for a couple of years. I am so excited to begin writing the blog I’ve been imagining for years!

Why did you start this blog?

This blog has been building in my head for years, but I never knew how to begin. I was a shy kid, I didn’t go to a good high school and I wasn’t sure how to begin discussing books. But college and time has emboldened me to begin and take the leap! I hope to uplift BIPOC, queer, and disabled creators and authors, and recommend great books!

What are some fun and unique things that you can bring to booktube (or in my case, blogging)?

I am really excited to recommend some non-fiction and backlist titles that aren’t getting the hype they deserve! Working in a library since in I was 16, I’ve gotten exposure to a lot of different types of books, and I’m excited to share those (and some fun stories) with you all! Through my university coursework, and my own queer identities, I’ve learned a lot about race, queerness, and disability in narrative, so I’m really hoping to bring in those perspectives and put representation in conversation with scholars on these subjects.

What are you most excited about for this new blog?

I am really excited to begin sharing my thoughts outside of goodreads and my reading journal and thinking more critically (or reparatively) about what I’m reading. I’m also really excited to personally make writing a habit again.

Why do you love reading?

Reading has always been an escape from the world and growing up as a queer person in a small, midwestern town, I needed that escape quite often. Now that I’m older, reading is still an escape, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s a chance for me to learn and expand my mind, and better understand experiences I’ll never have (or ones I do have) and concepts that I’ve never heard of. It’s a way to stretch my mind and my imagination and understand the world around me.

What book/series got you into reading?

Back in the day, it was the Andrew Clements books (I devoured those). But when I was a teenager, it was absolutely The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. And from what I’ve heard, those books still SLAP and the author is not a TERF so we have no choice but to stan!

What questions would you ask your favorite booktubers?

Oh my gosh… *that moment when you say you’re in to booktube but wonder if your taste is basic*


The first person I ever watched on booktube was Ariel Bissett back in 2015, and I’m still watching her today. I just want to know, how do you have the stamina to stay in this community for so long, especially being as well-known as you are? How do you cope with the “fame” of this community, and the hate that comes with it. Also, how do you find such interesting, weird books?

Joel, of @fictionalfates , I love you. We stan. You have re-ignited my love for booktube. How do you read so fast in your reading vlogs? How do you do booktube, your blog, bookstagram, and university? Like seriously, I need advice.

Morgan Long, (does this still count as booktube?), you are so positive, and your channel is such a VIBE. How do you remain so positive amidst all the crazy and terrible things happening in the world?

What challenges do you think starting a bookish blog will be hardest to overcome?

I think a challenge for me will be posting consistently (LOL), but I AM a Virgo, so I’m hoping my combination of bullet journal and notion organization systems will keep me on track. I also know it can be hard to build a following with a blog compared to booktube. If you’re reading this, welcome!!

When did you start reading?

I started reading when I was really young. Like I mentioned, as a kid, I read a lot of Andrew Clements books, and a good dose of Nancy Drew and American Girl series. I always loved a good mystery, relatable characters, and interesting settings. Scholastic book orders and a wonderful public library gave me access to so many stories as a child!

Where do you read?

Most of the time, I’m reading in bed or on the couch in my living room. When it’s not winter, I like to read outside on my porch and enjoy the spring/summer/fall breeze. If I’m listening to an audiobook, I am usually in the car, at the gym, or in my room knitting or cross-stitching.

What kind of books do you like to read?

I am pretty versatile. Working in a library, a lot of different kinds of books pass through my hands each day. For fiction, I tend to stick with contemporary, or historical fiction, but I do pick up the the occasional fantasy, science fiction, or horror novel (genres I’m trying to get more into!) I read a lot of non-fiction as well, and that really varies: lifestyle and self-help, memoirs, history, books about witches, technology…I’m really up for anything. I mostly read Adult and YA, but I’m not opposed to middle grade because some of those stories out there (aka the Rick Riordan Presents Imprint) SLAPS.

I hope this gave y’all a little more information about me and my reading habits and tastes! I’m so excited to start reading with all of you!


4 thoughts on “Booktube Newbie Tag (but make it a blog)

  1. Excellent post Bailey!! Welcome to the community!! I love reading as I can escape to a new world as well! Also Rick Riordan is💯💯! Also you are so lucky to be working in a library!!


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